Rushing to pack is a common moving problem. To avoid this, you need to be systematic. Start packing early. Alternatively, Three Men Big Muscles Movers, your Abbotsford Mover will do the packing for you. We move for clients and cover the Lower Mainland Area community BC and beyond.

The packing list is Common in Moving

So you want to move? Packing will probably come after all is set, right? That’s the wrong approach to moving. You are simply contributing to the number of people who make the commonest moving mistake. Most people are not sure that everything is set until time has moved. When the D-day approaches, all they want to do is stuff things inside a box. That may be a type of packing known as careless packing. The best practice is to always have your things arranged well. Even when you are not moving anywhere soon you should be organized. This will make your life easy. You don’t have to fight every time you are looking for a pair of socks.

Prepare Early

In moving, preparation is the most important part of the whole process. You need to set up things in such a way that you are ready to move. How do you prepare? Get the right mover first. If you are looking for an Abbotsford mover, you have Three Men Big Muscles Movers at your disposal. We are a full-service mover who does everything for the client. We will pack, load, transport, and unload your goods without you having to do anything. That’s what we have been doing for many years. We serve the whole region of Abbotsford and Lower Mainland Area of BC. We have advanced our services to include all clients who need to move goods in Surrey, Chilliwack, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, and the entire province.

DIY Packing


movers in abbotsfordAfter you have let the mover know the date when you wish to move, decide on who will pack your items. Sometimes it is good to pack for yourself. It will save on the cost of moving. Moreover, you will have a level of control over your goods. You can get boxes, wrapping material, tapes, and anything handy for packing from the local store. Buy extra boxes and packing material. It is better to have more than to lack them in the middle of busy packing. After all, you can always return the extras or use them at another time. If you are not sure of the materials necessary to pack specific items like the refrigerator, check its manual. You may be lucky to get details on how to do this. Alternatively, you can search the internet for ideas and you will be good to go.  

Professional Packing

If for any reason you can’t do the packing, let professional movers do it. You may be busy trying to beat a job deadline and have no time to pack. Don’t wait for when you’ll be free from work because time flies. You’d rather let someone do the packing for you than do it in haste. Some people just don’t like getting dirty and they’d prefer someone do it for them. All the same, there is always someone who is ready to do your packing. Three Men Big Muscles Movers will come to your help when packing seems like hell to you. We have the equipment and personnel ready to handle this task. There are items which need special wrapping before packing. They include glassware and special antiques. We will help you with every moving detail and ensure that you are satisfied.

Being Organized

When you do the packing early, you have the freedom to do it perfectly. In most instances, packing begins well. You fold every piece of clothing and place it carefully inside the designated box. You make beautiful patterns and even play around when packing. However, a time comes when you get exhausted. The careful packing becomes throwing of things to land anywhere they will. To avoid this, you should set goals and have some form of motivation. The fact that you will end up with a better move may do the trick for some people. Others need music playing in the background to stay focused. Whatever it is, use it to your convenience.

Take a Break

You see the importance of packing early? There are occasional breaks from the rigorous work. You can give yourself a few minutes off and come back later. Shift the attention but not the focus if you want the job done. Many people underestimate the workload in packing. They think that it is simple. This could be the reason why people postpone packing until the last minute. When you do this, you will regret the burnout. An exhausted mover is most likely an unhappy mover. This translates to viewing the whole moving process as hectic. Funny enough, it is your doing. Some people have moved before and they enjoyed the moving. They didn’t have to do anything different except to pack early.

What Items should go first?

Unless you are moving on the same day, don’t pack everything at once. You still need to use some items in the house. Start packing those items that you don’t remember the last time you used. There are those things you just bought and stuffed them somewhere. Do you even need them? There is a chance that some such goods are good for the dustbin. Or you could be generous and donate some of them. This will reduce the moving costs significantly. If you are not convinced that you don’t need them anymore, pack them for the move. Next are those things which you only use them once in a while. This is where moving is unique for everyone. Someone may need to pack their bike earlier. Others would rather pack it last after most other items. Still, there are those who would prefer to ride the bike on the day of moving! Use this as a reference for when to pack different things.


Lack of proper labels brings more confusion than not packing at all. This mistake is common when the individual thinks that they know their stuff well. It is good to label like things together. Sports equipment should be packed together and labeled clearly. You don’t want a situation where you begin fishing for items in the new house. Labeling will also help you know which boxes should stay on top of others. It is a simple practice that can spare one the troubles of finding things. You don’t have to be complex or use expensive materials to label items. Do it in the simplest way possible to make it more enjoyable. Why should you be covering extra costs when you can improvise and seem like a genius? This is still part of being organized. Again, don’t underestimate the work needed here. Get someone handy to help in the process. You need to be accurate and consistent. Otherwise, the whole process will be flawed. There’s nothing as bad as hoping to get utensils in a box only to meet with some hardware. It is frustrating and sucks your remaining strength.

Clear the Way

You could pack and label all your items nicely but still find problems navigating in your own house. The reason is letting packed and labeled boxes lie all over the place. You need to get them out of the way as soon as you are done with each of them. If you did proper work, you can stack the boxes beginning with the least fragile. Find a good place that is not used regularly and arrange your boxes there as you wait for the move. From there, you are ready for the final steps of moving. The initial steps of moving are the most difficult. You should be thankful for that far if you have stacked up your boxes well. Hard work makes work easier sometimes later. If you are dealing with a large number of items, it is advisable to get some help. Some boxes begin weighing heavier as you pack things in them. You could pack all by yourself but find it impossible to lift to another place. If you have a guarantee that the boxes are strong enough, you can pull them across the floor to the desired destination. Only do what you feel you can handle. Otherwise, you’ll hurt yourself and regret why you never called an extra pair of hands to help. Three Men Big Muscles Movers has enough employees to help you with such.

Times to Call for Help

Everything may go so well until you realize that you don’t have the expertise to do something. This is the best time to call for help. Two hands are surely better than one. Just let us know in advance what you need us to do. This helps us to know the tools that are required at the site of work. We have forklifts and equipment for lifting up heavy items. Our workers are trained to handle different types of goods including those that are fragile. We will ensure that we make the transport safe to prevent loses and inconveniences. Letting us work with you is our pleasure. We have the experience and the expertise to handle all your moving needs. We do both local and long-distance moves.

Why Choose Three Men Big Muscles Movers?

We have a track record of moving for clients all over Abbotsford and Lower Mainland area. The fact that we are a full-service mover also gives us an edge over our competitors. We have a provision where the customer gives us the moving details and we move goods for them. They don’t have to be part of it. This is not done at the expense of quality service provision. We strive to stay as among the top Abbotsford movers. This is why our services are high-end and meet your moving expectations. Our moving services are rolled out all year round. Some customers find movers who are seasonal and get disappointed when they need to move. This is not the case with us since we are always ready to move.

When Should You Move?

Many clients know about the peak moving season. They try to avoid moving in the days between 25th and 5thof every month. That is because the demand for moving services is increased. We, however, offer moving services during both off-peak and peak seasons. All you have to do is to let us know in advance so that we slot you in our moving schedule. Move whenever you want to move. You don’t have to wait for a certain time of the year when moving is most affordable. We offer flexible moving services to include all our customers.               

Move Easy

Once you have solved the small moving problems, you will move easily. Moving is supposed to be a great experience. If you don’t look forward to moving again, the reason could be poor services. Moving from one place to another needs planning in advance. People who just bump in and decide it’s time to move may not have the best experience. The good thing is that most people who move because of job reasons have a prior notice. It is hard to find someone who is required to move too soon. Poor planning is the sole reason why you feel that you needed to move too quickly. You’ll end up signing a contract with the wrong company.

Unscrupulous movers spoil it for the good movers. They run into problems because they don’t have the proper insurance, or have hidden charges. When you find a good mover like Three Men Big Muscles Movers, make every move with them. We will protect your goods while on the road. We don’t just move, but we aim at helping you settle in your new home. We, therefore, unpack your goods and carry them to the house regardless of where it is situated. We make moving comfier by helping you arrange the goods according to your layout.   

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