Before you move, you need to downsize. Three Men Big Muscles Movers is your Chilliwack mover of choice. But before the move, always purge. Donate things you don’t need and you reduce extra charges. Your move will become easier that way.

Time to Move?

Time to move comes. It is the trickiest part of your life. You need to relocate but there are the things that are part of your life and memories. How can you just leave like that when you have never lived anywhere else? It is a moment of reckoning indeed. Take a deep breath and release the anxiety. Three Men Big Muscles Movers is here to help you achieve your move. Don’t get worked up for anything out of your reach. We have the experience as Chilliwack movers. Moving is our daily routine. We will give you expert advice and help. Just make sure you have the destination ready and we will do everything for you. Unless you have the time, resources, and skill, we recommend that you let us pack, load, transport, unpack, and arrange your goods in your new location. That’s cool, right? We are a full-service company.

Downsizing is a Must

It is good to donate stuff you don’t need. Someone else needs them. But in moving, purging is more like a must do moving exercise. Chances are that you have accumulated stuff over time. Most of the things in your house are not useful because you probably don’t even know that they exist. That’s why it is important to purge the excesses before the move. The decision on what you need and what you need to give away is the hardest part of the downsizing process. How do you know that you no longer need something so much that you can comfortably donate it? Three Men Big Muscles Movers offers a few suggestions. Moving is the only time that you can think about serious purging. It is a chance that you must grab and utilize for that purpose.

What’s in your Inventory?

An inventory is a powerful tool. It acts like a scanner that helps you to know your stuff. Make or retrieve your inventory. If there is a need, update it accordingly so that it depicts the true picture of what is in your house. This will be the map that will guide you to know the things that can stay and those that have their shelf lives out of date for you. Use this inventory to check if you have double goods. Duplicate goods are those which one buys as a form of security. The commonest duplicate goods category is the electronics. You buy a TV set but keep the old set just in case the new one misbehaves. That is what almost everybody does. It is human nature to do something that kind of protects you from inconveniences. It is time to move and these should get out of the way first.

Donate Duplicates

Where do you put all these duplicates? Do you just throw them away? It is better to donate them to a charity organization. Second-hand stores can take your extra goods especially if they are in good condition. But there are those goods which you cannot donate. They include broken TV sets, torn clothing, and things you cannot use yourself because they are in a bad shape. You can throw away such goods into designated places for waste products. This step in moving is quite important yet many people assume it. You don’t have to keep paying for the transport of things that you are sure you don’t need them. Some people give the mover a contract and when the goods are safe in the destination, they begin purging. Just know that you have incurred unnecessary costs. Instead of wishing for a discount, you can make your own discount through purging.

Are you moving to a Bigger or Smaller House?

Your new place will determine how much you can purge. Some people move to bigger homes because their families are growing. Others move to a smaller house because of financial constraints. Either way, there is a need to purge. If you are moving to a bigger house, it means that you have issues with space. You need space and this space can come from removing excess stuff. Simply purging may change your reason for moving since you will reclaim space. You also need to downsize when you move to a smaller house. Some of your furniture won’t even fit into the living room of the new house. This will call for forceful purging so that you can get stuff that fit into the house. Don’t look at the cost you are throwing away. Ask yourself if you need efficiency or assets which you are not using in the first place.          

Sell some Goods

If you tell us that you are ready to move, Three Men Big Muscles Movers will come and do the move. However, we need you to make the move while happy. That’s why we recommend that you don’t have to go at a loss when purging. Sell the excess goods. Someone will always buy them. You can have a whole house sale. This is a very convenient sale of goods. All goods remain as they are and you let someone come and make an offer. You end up selling a whole lot of goods without having to move them an inch yourself. Moving items to a garage and giving each of them a price is an alternative to the whole house sale. The disadvantage of moving the goods yourself is that you must incur some extra cost. How about you let the new buyer take the burden off your back? You will get more money from the whole house sale. You will be killing two or more birds with one stone; purging, getting money, and convenience.

Family Help

When things are tough, the family remains your place to find solace. Even in moving, you should involve your family. Get their help in terms of decision and manpower. You don’t want to sell and buy something back because our wife treasures it so much. Your family can also convince you that an old typewriter is obsolete and you should get rid of it. Your toy assortment for kids may no longer be relevant- ditch such also. The family will remove you from complications and uncertainty. You will move feeling that you made the best choice. The extended family can also help you in the downsizing process. Your distant cousin could become a beneficiary of some of the stuff you no longer need. Just let them know that you are moving and you will see their reaction. They will be like ‘when are you downsizing?’ This is the importance of family and friends. They will help you make the best of every occasion.

Taking it a notch Higher

How do you decide on the mover amongst many Chilliwack movers? It needs some research. Three Men Big Muscles Movers has a track record of moves that show how customers are happy with us. Doing the move needs careful internet search. To get ideas on how to purge, you may need ideas from other people. This is not to say that you are incompetent. It just makes your move richer and better. Don’t move without getting enough information. You are more likely to regret the move. Mishaps in the journey usually come from lack of proper preparation including research. Make an informed moving decision at all times. From the packing process to the transport, unpacking, and finally settling, it is a long way. You need to make sure that you prevent the occurrence of problems that are in your power to control. This ability comes from proper research and analysis.

Pack as you purge

You need to have a multitasking capacity to make the move easier. Three Men Big Muscles Movers suggests that you pack as you purge. This should be easy if you are up to the task. There is no need to go through things one by one to downsize and then start packing again. Time will catch up with you and you will be late for the move. The disadvantages of doing things in a rush when moving are too numerous. You will have the worst moving experience ever if you do so. To avoid this, make the packing steps as early as possible. When you are cleaning your goods, pack them. It is better to pack things even when you are not moving to offer flexibility. Pack both the things that you will retain and those that are for the donation. It is kind to donate goods when you have packed them.

First things First

Begin with the elephant in the room. This means that you need to begin getting rid of the big things. After all, they take up the most space. Start making plans to sell or donate huge furniture sets. Your old and oversized couch should get out of the way first before you think of selling smaller things. It will give you a lot of relief when you realize that you are making progress. Picture your new home. If possible, make a sketch. The things that won’t fit into the new house should be the first things to throw out. The remaining things that need purging will be those which you no longer use them. This will make your work easier. You will solve the problem that many people have with attaching feelings with household goods.       

Don’t forget the Storage Units

People are so busy sorting things out that they forget the storage unit. If you ask any experienced Chilliwack mover, you will realize that the storage unit has the most unnecessary items in the house. You tend to store extra stuff in the storage unit and since you don’t access it frequently, you forget that you have such items in the hose. The attics, spare rooms, garage, and other storage units have a lot of junk. Anything that one does not need will find its way into the attic. The unfortunate thing is that while we may store stuff in good condition, they may get damaged when you throw other goods on top of them. The draught and other environmental factors also contribute to the damage of the goods. So, if you thought that you have something useful in the garage, check it out first. It may be damaged hence necessitating the need to throw it away.  


Decorations are good for the home. But when time to move comes, they can be a source of impediment. Even if you were to relocate all your decorations to your new home, they will still be excess. This is the case especially if you are moving to a smaller house. There are those decorative materials which you have never used. You always store them for special occasions. Consider that you have an excess of decoration therefore in such cases. You can choose to purge the current decoration and acquire some later when the need arises. Moving should make you comfortable in your new house. It may be painful to lose some stuff during the moving process but if that is what it will take to make the move easier then you need to do it. Some gains just have to come with some pain.

Call the Expert and be Flexible

Are you stuck somewhere in the moving process? Let Three Men Big Muscles Movers know your issues and we will be quick to offer help. We have moved goods for many customers and we know some hacks to moving problems. Be flexible and allow for change. As you plan ahead, have provisions for new abrupt changes. That is one survival tactic for people in the moving business. Be willing to live without some items and make the moving process a lot more cost effective. Don’t struggle when you have an option. Just involve us. Three Men Big Muscles Movers guarantee a worthwhile moving experience.       

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