Do you know Canada Day is the busiest day for the moving industry? The industry is known to make up at least 70% of its annual business between mid-June and September. Canadians love to move their home and office during this part of the year.?

Amazingly, that time is right around the corner!! Moving companies are buying new trucks as a preparation for the growing demand, hiring more drivers and staff to assist with safe and smooth moving.

On the contrary, this is the period when moving companies in Surrey surge their prices. Customers can expect a price rise of up to a thousand dollars, due to the steeping demand.?

Three Men Big Muscles, the leading moving company in Surrey, will help you move your home safely to a new location at affordable rates. We have our own trucks, experienced drivers, and highly cooperative staff to aid you in safely moving your goods, which implies we don?t compromise on the quality as well.

Over the years, we have learned the art of packing goods with shrink wrapping, tapes, boxes, and blankets ensuring that you don?t see a scratch on your favorite glass panes even when we cover a really long distance.

We have pledged to help our customers throughout the process so that they can focus on more important tasks such as listening to their favorite songs (relaxing is definitely important when you are moving to a new place). Our experienced staff packs the goods, loads them, and finds the quickest roads before finally reaching the destination. Their responsibilities don?t just end here.

Our staff safely unloads every good, unpacks them, and settles them down per your requirement. TMBM, unlike most moving companies in Surrey, believes that the moving job is only completed when the clients find their new home with the same setup as their old one. The commitment and the dedication we have shown to our customers has been fruitful as we have repeat customers along with first-time users referred by their friends who were once served by us.

There is always much more to the story. Customers have placed faith in us for the longest of times, sometimes decades. Let us take a look at the numerous factors that make us the best in the industry:

10+ years as Surrey Movers:

TMBM has a decade worth of industry experience in moving goods from one end of Surrey to another and beyond. The team has so far helped several families and offices successfully move to their new location and settle down without any additional labor costs.?

Our experienced team is trained to take care of the entire process. Customers only have to reach out to us and schedule when they want to move. The pioneering Surrey Mover and packer company have their back.

Customer Satisfaction

TMBM has served hundreds of clients in its 10+ years with customer experience at its core. We provide end-to-end services to ensure effortless moving. From listening to every need of the client prior to booking to packing all the goods to handling them, transporting them, and finally unpacking them, we do it all with care, almost like our own possession.?

And that makes all the difference.

The customers have never shied from giving us genuine feedback for our services; we average more than 4.5 stars on 5 which speaks volumes about our personalized services.

Timely delivery

Delayed delivery and postponing: the moving companies in Surrey witness both the bottlenecks every other day, especially in the peak seasons. Added to that are other external factors such as traffic, vehicle breakdown, and more that lead to delayed delivery. While we can?t control them all, the moving industry can keep a check on some.

TMBM drivers know every inch of Surrey. We are the first in the industry to share our roadmap prior to transportation. This makes the business more transparent along with a secret message for the customers that we value your time. The Trucks go through routine checks to ensure that customers aren?t stuck in the middle of anywhere, waiting for another truck to resume the transportation.?

Our services are one of their kind leaving you with an effortless moving experience.

As a bonus, we care for your expenses. We are not greedy, we are just focused on providing smooth services, moving goods within the city and beyond and that keeps us going.

Are you looking to move your goods from Surrey? Maybe we can talk more about your preferences. Reach out to us today!!