The job market is becoming increasingly volatile amidst the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. People are moving between cities more often to settle down, though temporarily. That being said, the moving industry in Canada is in high demand now and customers need to take special care to choose a company that meets their needs.

Most moving companies in Abbotsford look the same from the outside – Great trucks and a team that claims excellent moving experience. At this, it is a tricky affair to find a mover that exactly fulfills your demands, transports your goods, and assures safety for the most fragile of your possessions.

We will help you find the right Abbotsford moving company to move your house, office, and more through this blog.

1. User Reviews:

The best way to judge a moving company?s services is to find genuine user reviews. You can try your hands on popular search engines. Google the mover agency name and read its reviews. The more the reviews, the more you will be able to find the pluses and cons in their services. The closest it is to the maximum possible rating, the better is the service quality.?

You can also reach out to their past customers. Word-of-mouth is powerful. In most cases, you already know the person, you believe them, and you can rely on their suggestions.

2. Research on what?s included:

Abbotsford-based moving companies differ in many ways. One is their service package. Agencies have a different package for each of their services. Ask for the package, the services that come bundled, and the ones for which you pay extra. You don?t want to see yourself in a situation where you feel helpless just because the team charged you more than what was decided.?

TMBM, the pioneer moving company in Abbotsford includes the following services for its customers:

? Packing

? transporting

? Unpacking

? Completely settled in new home

The type of packing also varies based on the material and how fragile they are. The team is skilled in shrink wrapping, tapes, boxes, and blankets, as and when needed.

3. Compare estimates:

? A good customer researches the agencies. A wise customer compares them.? – Unknown.

Why stumble upon just one estimate and not compare them with competitors? As a customer, you always have the option. Abbotsford has some handy moving companies and you can keep an eye on their services too.

Step out. Get estimates, compare their services, and their respective charges. What makes Agency A stand out? What makes you choose Agency B? Balance everything with your needs.

4. Background Check:

At times, there is much more to online reviews. Is the Abbotsford mover team that you have finalized licensed for transporting? Does the agency have sufficient documents to save you from excess fines? Is their vehicle serviced regularly?

The questions are obvious and need to be answered before you plan to move with them. Make sure you take everything in writing. Serves as solid proof that you have run a background check to save the day.

5. Years of service:

You don?t want your favorite glass panes to be moved by a child. Do you??

Experience has its share when you move a complete office between cities. A novice won?t understand the delicate materials in the truck. Few turns can break them, their lack of expertise in packing your possessions only increases the chance.

The years spent in the field surely counts and are a decisive factor while selecting a mover company. Three Men Big Muscles (TMBM) has been in the industry for more than a decade now. The agency serves customers from cities that include, but are not limited to, Surrey, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, and Burnaby.

Over the years, the team has helped thousands of customers move between cities with a tremendous success rate. We have never compromised on quality service and on-time delivery while ensuring that the prices are equally competitive.

Our experienced drivers know every inch of your city. Our team will pack all your stuff, transport them and help you settle down at your new home. That leaves you with little to no manual effort. All you need to do is just reach out to us.

You can leave the rest to us. We will handle them like our own possessions.